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Learn to Code in 2013: A List of Toronto’s In-Person Learning Opportunities


(Originally posted on the HackerYou blog on January 4, 2012)

If you’ve decided that 2013 is the year you’re finally going to learn to code, you’re in luck! There have never been more resources available to people interested in picking up 21st century digital skills, whether you’re interested in front-end development, back-end development, design, or even something more specific.

But you’ve tried online tutorials. You’ve been to Meetup groups. You’ve watched video lessons. And for some reason, it’s just not working for you. Well, the good news is that – these days – there are lots of options for people looking to learn how to code via an in-person learning experience. And you won’t even have to move to San Francisco.

Here’s a list of places to learn to code in Toronto:

Should you have been included in this list? Email us at info [at] hackeryou.com with information about your organization and we’ll add you to the list.

Part-time introductory courses on HTML & CSS, Responsive Design, Ruby on Rails and more. Our next course begins on January 21st. Learn more here.
Cost: Varies (typically $900 – $2000 per course)
http://hackeryou.com | @thisishackeryou | fb.com/thisishackeryou

Bitmaker Labs
9-week full-time courses on Ruby on Rails. Deadline to apply for their Spring 2013 cohort is January 14th.
Cost: $7000
http://bitmakerlabs.com | @bitmakerlabs | fb.com/bitmakerlabs

Ladies Learning Code
One-day workshops designed for beginners who are looking for a social and collaborative learning experience.
Cost: $50 per one-day workshop (includes a catered lunch!)
http://ladieslearningcode.com | @llcodedotcom | fb.com/ladieslearningcode

Pay-what-you-can and get hands on with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress and more at these 9-week courses.
Cost: Pay What You Can
http://theymc.com | @theYMC | fb.com/theYMC

Team Coding
Free sessions to help beginners get in groups to practice coding.
Cost: Free
http://meetup.com/teamcoding | @teamcoding

Learn Toronto
Not a course, but a listing of tech and startup related groups and events in Toronto. Perfect if you’re looking to learn on an ad hoc basis.
Cost: Most groups and Meetups are free
http://learntoronto.org | @LearnToronto

Have you decided to make 2013 the year you learn how to code? How are you going to do it?

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