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Join me at the Ed Lives! Cocktail Gala on February 23rd – or request a subsidized ticket


Will I be seeing you at the Ed Lives! Cocktail Gala & official launch of Toronto for Everyone on February 23rd?

Ed Lives! is bringing together leaders to commemorate Honest Ed’s for the last time on February 23 at 6 pm before it closes for redevelopment, and in its spirit, launch a new initiative called Toronto for Everyone.

Toronto for Everyone is an initiative by the Centre for Social Innovation that will focus on promoting inclusive and collaborative city building through an innovator’s fund, allyship educational series, and advocacy campaign with creative agency, Sid Lee.

It’s an audacious initiative and I’m sure you can agree, more timely than ever. Launching it at Honest Ed’s — a place of grand ambition that wholly stood for community and inclusivity — could not be more fitting.

They are seeking founding members, which means being part a network of city leaders focused on inclusivity that will shape future initiatives of Toronto for Everyone.

Tickets are $259.99 and you can purchase them here. Ticket sales for the Cocktail Gala will go towards ensuring An Honest Farewell is as accessible as possible, to as many as possible.

The night will have a specialty cocktail experience, moving quartet band, food stations from a selection of diverse restaurants across Toronto, a special presentation from outstanding inclusive city builders, including Jay Pitter, Luke Anderson, Jason Carter, Erin Kang and Denise Pinto, a craft beer and art garden by Collective Arts Brewery, and lots of other magical nuggets.

Request a Subsidized Ticket

Do you know a city builder or social innovator just starting out who should absolutely be there? Are you one? I’m going to subsidize the cost of a Gala ticket for five up and comers – so many people helped me when I was just starting out, and I love finding ways to pay it forward. We can even meet up before the event and head over together.

Email me at heather [at] hackeryou.com for details.


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