Toronto “Ladies Learning Code” Call-To-Action


Oh dear. What have I gotten myself into?

I go to LA. I attend this awesome “Intro to Python” workshop with the PyLadies. I come home and I write a blog post about it, with a teeny-tiny little paragraph at the bottom suggesting that we get something like this going in Toronto, Canada.

Well, it’s a testament to the strength and character of the Python community – the word spread.

Toronto wants a “Ladies Learning Code” group, too!

As of today, I’ve received almost a dozen emails from ladies interested in getting involved (@melissacrnic and @NicoleRashotte were early cheerleaders!) and others interested in helping us get started. People have already offered us space, sponsorship, and help with promotion – plus, I’ve also been contacted by a few people who want to volunteer and share their knowledge!

I think we’ve tapped into an unmet need in the Toronto community.

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