How I would learn to code if I was starting today


Sure, I’m biased, but hear me out.

I’d start by taking a couple of Ladies Learning Code workshops, just to make sure that I enjoy coding enough to become decent at it. I’d probably start with HTML & CSS and then JavaScript. Total cost: $50 per workshop plus tax.

Then I’d enroll in HackerYou’s part-time web development courses. The next part-time HTML & CSS course begins on January 20th, and the part-time Intro to Responsive Design (a worthwhile add-on) begins on March 3rd. Led by Wes Bos, HackerYou’s part-time web development courses always sell out. You’ll learn HTML5, CSS3 and Responsive Design from the ground up, and by the end of the courses you will have built three full websites from scratch. Total cost: $2477.88 plus tax.

Then I’d apply for HackerYou’s full-time web development immersive. The first cohort in January is sold out, but the second cohort begins on April 14th so the timing is perfect. Because going from the part-time courses into the full-time course makes tons of sense, HackerYou actually offers graduates of our part-time web development courses a $2000 discount on the full-time course. Total cost: $3982.30 plus tax.

Total time: Approximately five months
Total hours: Approximately 450
Total cost: $6560.18 plus tax ($7413 including tax, or about $1400 a month)

Sure, it’s a time commitment and it’s definitely a financial commitment. But after five months with HackerYou, you’ll be ready for a job as a professional developer. And if that’s something you’re going to love, it’s worth it.

To learn more about Ladies Learning Code, click here. To learn more about HackerYou, click here.