Non-technical? How to Join a Startup in 7 Steps


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So, you want to join a startup?

I know how you feel. After a year in a corporate marketing role at an established international firm, I was really happy – but I also felt like something was missing. I just knew (actually, I’d known it for a while) that startup world is where I belong. In May, I decided to begin looking for my next opportunity, thinking that it would take me at least four months, or even six, to find the type of startup gig I was looking for. To my utter astonishment, my job search ended in less than three weeks when I received a great offer from Pinpoint Social. (I also had a few other opportunities in the pipeline, just in case.) I’ve thought a lot about my job search experience since then, and I think I’ve figured out the seven steps that should be followed for anyone who wants to go from corporate to startup life in less than three weeks. Here they are:

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