Review of PyLadies “Intro to Python” Workshop


As those of you who follow me on Twitter may know, I was in LA on a work assignment for most of the past month. It was a busy few weeks, but I took time out on Sunday, May 15th to do something really cool. I attended the PyLadies’ first-ever “Intro to Python” workshop. And it was great.

How I Discovered the “Intro to Python” Workshop

I’m not from LA, and I don’t know anyone in the city. Further, I’m not a part of the tech community (though I’m a definite wannabe) – so how did I even hear about an event like this? Thank goodness for blogs. I added Women 2.0 to my reader a little while ago, and it was their “Community Events”sidebar that alerted me to the Intro to Python workshop in LA – conveniently scheduled for a time I was in town!  After discovering the event, it took me about four days to decide to actually register. First, I wasn’t sure how I would get there (it was in Pasadena, and I was staying in Westwood), and then I had to get over my fear that this was something I wouldn’t be good at.  At one point, it was looking like I might have to take public transportation, so I emailed Audrey Roy (one of the lead organizers) to get her advice. She replied to me with such a wonderfully helpful and caring email that the decision was made – I was going to the workshop. I’d find a way!

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